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1. Getting your Baby

2. Getting the Child's Birth Certificate

3. Filing for Guardianship

4. Applying for B(Bay) or CRC Form

5. Applying for Pakistani passport

6. Applying for Immigrant Visa


1. Getting your Baby

After you get your baby through Edhi, a medical report (Form ICA) has to be completed by a reputable doctor (it is recommended to go to Aga Khan Hospital Karachi or Shifa International Islamabad).

A report has to be written by the adoptive parents containing the following information:

  • Name of child;
  • Date of Birth of Child;
  • Place of Birth (if known, otherwise state Not Known Abandoned); and
  • Name and Address of Orphanage.

A statement detailing when you arrived in Pakistan, when the baby was given to you , information given by the Orphanage about the babys circumstances, how and when the baby came to be at the Orphanage, details of when and where baby was taken for the medical assessment and explaining that you will need to stay in Pakistan giving overview of the process and time frame.

The Medical report including test results, the report and photographs of the baby need to be sent to Social Services immediately. An interview needs to take place with both parents and the Social Worker to discuss if the match is suitable. If all the parties are happy, the papers are forwarded to the DfCSF who will issue a letter confirming that they endorse the proposed match and approve the adoption to proceed in the country of origin.

2. Getting the Child's Birth Certificate

Once the DfCSF approval has been received, there is typically a three-month waiting period before Edhi issues you documents certifying that your baby is an abandoned baby and has been placed with you. You then need to get a birth certificate from the Mithadar office of registrar of births & deaths. The area councillor will approve your application. The lawyer you engage in Pakistan can help you with this process.


3. Filing for Guardianship

On receiving the abandonment certificate you need to get legal custody of your child by applying for guardianship of the child in a civil family court in Pakistan. Legal custody means the assumption of responsibility for a minor by an adult under the laws of the state and under the order or approval of a court of law or other appropriate government entity. The court also needs to give its permission for the child to be taken abroad, out of its jurisdiction.
The following are names of attorneys that are recommended by families that have adopted from Pakistan:





Nisar Ahmed Khan

(highly recommended for Edhi adoption cases, UK and US)

House no C-36/3 Metroville No 1 S.I.T.E.

Ph: 92-0300 354 4553


Farrukh Zia Shaikh

(more experience in Kashana adoption cases)

708 Seventh Floor, Progressive Square Shahrah-e-Faisal,

Ph: 92-21-455-2902
E-mail: fzshaikh@khi.compol.com
Website: www.farrukhziashaikh.com


Mohsin Zaidi

(recommended for US process)

4-Mozang Road

Cell: 92-300-457-9490


Malik Mubashir Nazar

(experienced in Edhi adoption cases)

District Courts Islamabad , Islamabad, Pakistan, Pakistan ,46000

Ph: 92-51-4478565 ,
Cell: 92-300-956-0940, 92-300-517-2330
Fax: 092514478565 ,
Email: mubashir_nazar@hotmail.com


4. Applying for B(Bay) or CRC Form

After you have a guardianship decree from the court you will have to obtain a B form, also called CRC (Child Registration Certificate), from the offices of NADRA and get a national ID card number issued for the baby. (It is just a number, they can get the card after they turn 18). Once you have the B form with the ID number you can apply and get a Pakistani passport made for the child. Parents who reside overseas can apply for a NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis)for their child.


5. Applying for Pakistani passport

You need Pakistani passport for your child before you apply for immigrant visa. You can apply at local passport office or authorized branches.

You can find the information regarding applying for Pakistani passport at http://www.forms.gov.pk/

The forms can be downloaded at Passport Form (ZIP file, 12KB)

Form filling instruction: Passport Guidelines-I

Once you get the passport, you are then ready to proceed with the filling of immigration paperwork for UK in Islamabad.


6. Applying for an Adoption Visa

An application needs to be made to the British High Commission to apply for an adoption visa for the baby.

A settlement form needs to be completed which is available from their website http://www.fco.gov.uk/Files/kfile/vaf2_nov_2005,6.pdf

The following documents for the baby will need to be submitted with form:

  • The baby's abandonment certificate
  • The baby's birth certificate
  • The baby's passport
  • The guardianship order
  • The medical report (BAAF ICA form)
  • Two Passport sized photographs
  • 'B' form
  • DfCSF approval letter
  • Parents marriage certificate, proof of residency in the UK, proof of employment

The application with the supporting documents and fees (in cash only) needs to be submitted to your local FedEx office. For further information, see their website http://www.visadropbox.com

When you pay your fee, you will receive a receipt. It is important that you make sure you receive this receipt and keep it safely because it is proof of your application and you will need to produce it when receiving your returned documents.

The Entry Clearance Office will ensure that all the necessary documents have been received and comply to their requirements. They will then liaise with the DfCSF and confirm that all the DfCSF requirements have been met. Once they receive positive confirmation from the DfCSF they will issue an adoption visa.

The FedEx office will contact you to advise the application has been received from the British High Commission for you to collect from the FedEx office.



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