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For the Love of Mankind, by Nyla Daud, Oct 12, 2006
An article on Mrs. Souriya Anwar, President SOS Villages Pakistan, published by Dawn.com

A Guide to Adoption, by Shanaz Ramzi
A very informative article about adoption process in Pakistan - www.Dawn.com

Abandoned Souls, By Zofeen Ebrahim, May 6, 2004
A great article about Edhi Adoption Program

A Cozy Home, By Shazman Shariff, November 20, 2003
An article about Kashana-i-Atfal in the Review, Dawn on

A Child of their Choosing, By Alefia T. Hussain
An article about Edhi - There is no well-reputed government-run adoption agencies in Pakistan

Adoption and the Stages of Development, by Elaine Frank, 1990 at Adoptions.com
Article on the stages of development and how to go about discussing your child's adoption with them. It talks about how children perceive this information, and their sense of loss at coming to terms with the fact that they are adopted.

Volunteer Services That Make a Difference - Angels of mercy in Pakistan's largest city, By Richard M. Weintraub, January 6, 1988
An article about Edhi published in San Francisco Chronicle,



Raising Adopted Children, by Lois Ruskai Melina
Practical Reassuring Advice for Every Adoptive Parent

Nobody's Child, by Kate Adie, 2005
Kate Adie is a well known journalist in the UK who was adopted herself, and in this book she has interviewed adults who were 'foundlings' i.e, children who were abandoned and have no information about their birth family. It is very interesting and helps you to think about the issues your adoptive child will face. It is also full of hope and resilience.


A selection of adoption books at




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